Branding and customization

We can help you brand or customize an existing Zendesk theme or create one from scratch to your exact specifications.

Whether you’d like to align one of the themes in our collection with your company brand or have ambitious designs for a fully custom theme, we’ll take care of everything end-to-end and ensure that you receive a beautiful, unique and easily maintainable theme.

Below are some of the ways we have helped our customers get the most out of Zendesk:

  1. Theme branding

    Our Branding Service covers branding of a single theme, including colors, images, icons and fonts. It’s perfect if your primary requirement is to align an existing theme in our collection with your company’s brand style.

  2. Theme customization

    We can customize one of our ready-made themes to absolute perfection or build an entirely new theme to your specifications using our powerful and propriety theming framework. This includes not only the look-and-feel, but any and all custom functionality required.

  3. Zendesk onboarding

    Not sure where to start with Zendesk Guide or any of the other products in the Zendesk Suite? We’re Zendesk experts and can make sure that you get up and running based on CX and industry best practices. Your customers (and agents) will thank you.

  4. Zendesk Support, Chat and Sell apps

    We don’t just do themes. Our range of powerful and intuitive Marketplace apps for Zendesk Support have already helped hundreds of companies fully realise the power of Zendesk. If you need a custom integration or productivity app built for Zendesk Support, Chat or Sell we can manage the entire process from design through delivery.

Being an authorized Zendesk partner we know and love Zendesk and ensure that our themes support the latest and greatest Zendesk Guide functionality. We’re also experts in design, development and user experience (UX) best practices and proudly stand by our products by offering a full warranty on our work.