Configure Zendesk Guide

Before you start adding content and customizing your Help Center, there are a few important global Zendesk Guide settings that you should review.

Content settings

The visibility and appearance of the User Profile page depends on whether user profiles are enabled and if they are set to public or private. Public profiles can be viewed by all users, whereas private profiles can only be viewed by the user they belong to.

If you would like to visitors to your Help Center to access user profiles and view contributions, ensure that you update this setting.

Request settings

Agents cannot submit requests through forms or manage them in the My Activities section of the Help Center by default. As a result, Submit a Request links will not be visible to them in the Help Center. Enable the request management setting for agents in order to allow them to submit requests in the same way that end-users do.

Security settings

By default, Zendesk Guide limits the type of HTML that can be contained within an article content. The purpose of this is to reduce the risk of malicious code being added to your articles and executed when someone views the page.

Because of how restrictive the rules around safe tags and attributes are, it’s not possible to embed videos or use some of our plugins in an article’s content area without first allowing unsafe content through the Zendesk Guide Security settings.