Install a theme

The steps required to install your Zendesk Guide theme depend on whether you purchased the Complete Package through our website, which contains all themes and plugins, or an individual theme through the Zendesk Theme Marketplace.

From our website

Immediately after making a purchase from our website you will be able to download a .zip file. If you purchased the Complete Package you must first open the compressed package archive, which has the following folder structure:

├── patterns/
├── plugins/
├── snippets/
└── themes/

The themes/ folder contains .zip files with the latest version of each of our themes.

Once you have the .zip file containing your chosen theme you can install it in Zendesk Guide:

  1. Login to your Zendesk Guide account and click on the Customize Design icon (Customize Design icon) in the left-hand menu. This will open a page containing your current theme(s). Zendesk Guide Themes page

  2. Click on the Add Theme button and select Import theme from the dropdown menu. Add Theme button

  3. Find and select your theme and it will be imported in your Zendesk account.

  4. Once installed, activate your theme to make it visible to your Help Center visitors.

You can always make changes to a theme using the Settings panel or through the code editor that Zendesk Guide provides, however if you are intending to make significant customizations to your theme we recommend working on the theme locally using your favorite code editor and preview changes within your instance using the Zendesk apps tools.

If you intend to embed videos or use our custom content elements within your articles, you must allow unsafe content within your Guide settings. Despite the serious sounding name of this setting, disabling it simply allows you to use additional HTML elements and attributes within your content.

From the Zendesk Marketplace

You can start a 14 day trial of any theme from the Zendesk Theme Marketplace. Themes that you are trialling can be viewed within the Theme Library section of the Guide Themes page. Once you’re tried a theme you must purchase it before you can use it as a live theme.

There are two theme license types:

  1. The Standard license which doesn’t provide access to the source code and only allow preconfigured settings.

  2. The Developer license which provides access to the theme code and the ability to customize the theme to your needs.

Due to the limitations of theme settings as a means for customizing Zendesk themes, the majority of our themes will be released under the Developer license so that customers can take advantage of our elements, utilities and patterns when customizing the appearance and functionality of their theme.

Next steps

  1. Apply basic branding to your theme using our brand, color, font and image settings.

  2. Consider customizing your theme’s page layouts or simply explore the ways in which you can enrich your article content with custom content styles and plugins.