Update theme colors

Every theme has a unique set of colors that you can configure using theme settings to instantly align the look-and-feel of your Zendesk Help Center with your company brand.

When previewing your theme in Zendesk Guide you can use the settings below to instantly update colors throughout your theme:

  • Primary color

    The color for major navigation and brand elements throughout the theme.

  • Primary text color

    The text color for hover and active element states where the primary color is used.

  • Heading color

    The color for heading elements. This includes elements that use the .h1 - .h6 classes.

  • Text color

    The color that serves as the default for all text elements throughout the theme.

  • The color for all link elements in both layouts and body content throughout the theme.

  • Outline color

    The outline color used for form element and search field focus effects.

  • Background color

    The background color of each page in your Help Center.

Some themes will include additional color settings like shades of the primary color, depending on their style requirements.

There are also a variety of color palettes that you can configure using Sass variables, should you need to.

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