Social links

Social links allow visitors to share articles and other content from your Zendesk Help Center on social networks.

The following examples rely on the {{social}} helper, this pattern

Button groups

If the HTML generated by the helper is too restrictive, you can create your own as demonstrated in the example below.

Fixed position

Social links can be presented in a fixed position on the screen (for example, in the bottom-right hand side).

The links can be revealed on scroll using the following JavaScript code.

ready(function() {
  var socialLinks = document.getElementById('social-links');
  if (!socialLinks) {

   * Reveals the Back to Top link when the page is scrolled by more than 100px.
  var onScroll = function() {
    socialLinks.classList.toggle('opacity-0', window.pageYOffset < 100);

  // Add event listeners
  window.addEventListener('scroll', onScroll);

Use .opacity-0 on the social links container and give it an ID of social-links to ensure that the effect is applied.