Plugins instantly extend the functionality of your Help Center in ways that are not possible using Zendesk’s standard templates alone. We’ve created plugins to cover the most common customization use-cases that we encounter.

There are two types of plugin available:

  1. Free

    Free plugins are already included in all of our themes and ready to be used. Free plugins include the Collapse plugin which powers our mobile navigation menus, the Tab plugin which is used for tab-based layouts like that found in our Kai theme and the Table of Contents plugin for creating dynamic article overviews quickly.

  2. Premium

    Premium plugins can be purchased individually or you can get get access to all of our themes and plugins by purchasing our Complete Package. Some themes bundle selected premium plugins for free. Premium plugins include the Category, Section and Article list plugins for generating dynamic menus, the Scrollspy plugin for updating links as a visitor scrolls down the page and the self-explanatory Article Navigation plugin.

You can learn about which plugins a given theme has by viewing its Details page. To use plugins in a theme that doesn’t include them by default, you must add them to the theme’s plugins.js file.

Next steps

  1. Refer to each plugin page or our Guides section for examples as well as getting started and usage instructions.

  2. Let us know if you have requirements that are not met by our range of plugins or ideas for new ones, as we’re always interested in adding to our collection.