Settings offer direct control over basic aspects of your theme’s appearance, including color palettes, fonts and images.

There are two types of settings available to configure:

  1. Theme settings

    Theme settings allow for basic branding and customization using WYSIWYG design tools accessed through a theme’s Settings panel.

  2. Sass variables

    Sass variables in the theme’s scss/ folder allow for customization of nearly every aspect of your theme, including those covered by theme settings.

Changes to both theme settings and Sass variables are reflected in the theme’s base styles which apply to typography and HTML elements and flow through to other areas of the theme including utilities, elements and patterns also inherit these changes.

Next steps

  1. Review the set of available theme settings for each theme and update them to align with your company brand.

  2. Review the Sass variables contained within the _variables.scss files in the scss/framework/ and scss/theme/ folders of your theme to see the many ways that you can bring about quick and wide-reaching changes by updating their values.