Article navigation

Display Next and Previous links within articles allowing for effortless navigation.

About the plugin

Many Help Centers present a list of articles within the current section on the Article page. Article Navigation links can compliment this approach, giving visitors direct access to the previous and next article in the Help Center, as defined by your content curators.

This is perfect when your articles have some inherit ordering, as there’ll be no confusion as to what a visitor should read next. Because the layout and appearance of the links themselves can be fully customized using templates, you can tailor them to your specific use-case.


The links will inherit the overall style of the theme as defined in your theme settings. Additional control is provided through plugin options and you can even create your own fully custom templates. Using custom templates, previous and next article links can be presented as simple buttons or include information from the articles themselves, like titles and excerpts.

For more examples, take a look at our Article Navigation patterns.

Learn more about how to use and customize article navigtation links in our framework documentation, which also includes a description of the plugin’s options and events.

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