Present images, videos and other content within lightboxes.

About the plugin

Our themes allow you to enable lightboxes throughout your Help Center using theme settings. Once enabled you decide what content you’d like to display within a lightbox and how it should behave, as described in the lightbox plugin documentation.


A simple use-case is to have images presented within a lightbox when a visitor clicks on them. We recommend where possible using a small version of your image within the article content and displaying the full-size version inside the lightbox.

<a href="./image.jpg" data-fancybox data-caption="An image within a lightbox">
  <img src="./thumbnail.jpg" alt="An image within a lightbox" />

You can create an image gallery by linking images together with a data-fancybox value.

YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 videos and other multimedia are also supported. The example below uses an image as a video thumbnail.

<a data-fancybox href="">
  <img src="./thumbnail.jpg" alt="A video within a lightbox">

Learn more about how to use and customize lightboxes in our framework documentation, which also includes a link to the fancybox website for advanced configuration options.

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