Display notifications and alerts of different types throughout your Help Center.

About the plugin

Never before has it been so easy to add custom notifications or alerts to your Help Center. With the Notifications plugin you have unprecedented control over how your notification look, where they are displayed and what content they contain.

The content of your notifications can be:

  1. Static text; or
  2. Dynamic Content if you need to support multiple languages; or
  3. Article content from articles with labels matching those that you specify

Notification content can include HTML elements, like links.

Learn more about how to add and customize notification in our framework documentation, which also includes a description of the plugin’s options and events.


The example below demonstrates the four default styles available through the plugin: error, warning, success and tip.

You can optionally make your notifications dismissible.

Like our other plugins, you can use custom micro-templates to make your notifications look and behave however you like!

All of our themes allow you to add a notification banner to your Help Center using theme settings for free. The banner sits at the top of every page and can also be easily customized.

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