Automatically update links as visitors scroll down the page.

About the plugin

Floating or sticky elements often benefit from being updated as a visitor scrolls down the page. A popular example is a sticky Table of Contents on the Article page, which highlight which part of the article the visitor is currently viewing. Sidebar navigation menus on long Category or Section pages are another.

The Scrollspy plugin provides a convenient way of achieving this. It integrates with all of our other plugins so you can use it in countless other ways to add fun, engaging elements to your Help Center.


The list or menu targeted by the Scrollspy plugin should be visible on the page at all times, to ensure that visitors can see where they are on the page. The example below uses one of our pill-style navigation element to present links, but you can update absolutely any type of link, in any element.

Learn more about how to use and customize the Scrollspy plugin in our framework documentation, which also includes a description of the plugin’s options and events.

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