System status

Integrate your Help Center with to provide instant status updates to visitors.

About the plugin

Communicate outage information to visitors in realtime anywhere in your Help Center with our System Status plugin, which integrates seamlessly with

Because the plugin supports our powerful micro-templating system, you can present your system status however you like, wherever you like. You can even control when it appears, opting to only display information when there’s actually an outage.


The default template is designed for use in the theme header, with different colored indicators for different statuses.

Using custom templates, you can display status information anywhere in the Help Center. For example, a simple clickable badge could be placed discretely on internal pages, perhaps only when there is a known issue.

If your primary goal is to alert visitors to outages when they happen, you could use a notification element to present the status.

We’ve created a guide describing how to add a custom status indicator to your Help Center as a free alternative to this plugin.

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