Table of Contents

Generate a Table of Contents for your articles automatically, allowing your visitors to view the page structure at a glance.

About the plugin

A configurable Table of Contents is included with all of our themes. It displays links for every <h2> heading in your article content within a stylish element at the top of the page. There’s no need to copy and paste any HTML or make changes to your article content or page templates.


The Table of Contents will inherit the overall style of the theme as defined in your theme settings. The heading above the links is also configurable within theme settings. You can customize the Table of Contents further, both in terms of its appearance and functionality, through plugin options and you can even create your own fully custom templates.

Combining a Table of Contents with our Scrollspy plugin allows you to create floating elements that track the visitor’s position on the page as they scroll. For more examples, take a look at our Table of Contents patterns.

Learn more about how to use and customize the Table of Contents in our framework documentation, which also includes a description of the plugin’s options and events.

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