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Customizing page templates

The HTML for the help center is contained in editable templates that define the layout of each page type, as well as the global header and footer. You can also use a full-featured templating language called Curlybars to access help center data and manipulate content in page templates.

Customizing CSS or JavaScript

You can add JavaScript code or customize the site's CSS. For a taste of the things you can do in the help center with a little bit of coding, check out the following resources:

Using variables in the theme

The properties you choose in the Settings panel or set in your manifest file for colors, fonts, and theme images are stored in variables. You can use these variables in the theme's style.css file. You can also reference the variables using Curlybars expressions in HTML page templates.

The variables are useful if you want to specify the same value in several places and update it quickly. Updating the property updates it everywhere the variable is used.

Updating the logo and favicon

You can change the logo and favicon for your help center. The logo appears in the header for your help center. The favicon is the small image displayed in the browser tab and next to the URL in the browser's address bar.

Both can be added using theme settings, under the Brand section. Select your logo and favicon using the fields provided and your theme will be automatically updated with your selected images.