Installing your Zendesk theme

In this post we explore how to install a theme from a compressed file into your Zendesk Guide account.

When you purchase our complete theming package for Zendesk you get access to all of our themes and plugins within a single downloadable file.

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To install one or more of our themes yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a theme from our collection and locate the .zip file in the package directory (for example,
  2. Login to your Zendesk Guide account and click on the Customize Design icon (Customize Design icon) in the left-hand menu. This will open a page containing your current theme(s). Zendesk Guide Themes page

  3. Click on the Add Theme button and select Import theme from the dropdown menu. Add Theme button

  4. Find and select your theme and it will be imported in your Zendesk account.

Now that it’s installed, you can activate your theme and admire your beautiful new Help Center!

We also offer free theme installation with all purchases, so if you’d prefer that we install and setup your theme just contact us.

If you are intending to make heavy customizations to your theme and take advantage of the power that comes with our framework, you should work on the theme locally using your favorite code editor and preview changes within your instance using the Zendesk apps tools. Once you’re happy with the results, you can simple compress the folder and upload the theme as described above.