Recent articles

Display a list of the most recently created or updated articles from your help center.

Provide your visitors with access to the latest information by displaying a list of the most recently updated articles in your help center.

Most recent articles
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  data-template-data='{ "heading": "Recent articles", "maxArticles": 6, "excerptLength": 120 }'>
<template id="tmpl-recent-articles">
    var getDate = function(article) { return article.created_at !== article.updated_at ? article.updated_at : article.created_at; }
    var sortByDate = function(a, b) { return new Date(getDate(b)) - new Date(getDate(a)); }
    articles = articles.sort(sortByDate).slice(0, maxArticles);
  <% if (articles.length) { %>
    <% if (heading) { %>
      <h2 class="h1 flex align-items-center justify-content-center mb-6">
        <svg class="fill-current mr-2" height="24" viewBox="0 0 24 24" xmlns="">
          <g stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill-rule="evenodd">
            <rect opacity="0" x="0" y="0" width="24" height="24"></rect>
            <path d="M10.9630156,7.5 L11.0475062,7.5 C11.3043819,7.5 11.5194647,7.69464724 11.5450248,7.95024814 L12,12.5 L15.2480695,14.3560397 C15.403857,14.4450611 15.5,14.6107328 15.5,14.7901613 L15.5,15 C15.5,15.2109164 15.3290185,15.3818979 15.1181021,15.3818979 C15.0841582,15.3818979 15.0503659,15.3773725 15.0176181,15.3684413 L10.3986612,14.1087258 C10.1672824,14.0456225 10.0132986,13.8271186 10.0316926,13.5879956 L10.4644883,7.96165175 C10.4845267,7.70115317 10.7017474,7.5 10.9630156,7.5 Z"></path>
            <path d="M7.38979581,2.8349582 C8.65216735,2.29743306 10.0413491,2 11.5,2 C17.2989899,2 22,6.70101013 22,12.5 C22,18.2989899 17.2989899,23 11.5,23 C5.70101013,23 1,18.2989899 1,12.5 C1,11.5151324 1.13559454,10.5619345 1.38913364,9.65805651 L3.31481075,10.1982117 C3.10672013,10.940064 3,11.7119264 3,12.5 C3,17.1944204 6.80557963,21 11.5,21 C16.1944204,21 20,17.1944204 20,12.5 C20,7.80557963 16.1944204,4 11.5,4 C10.54876,4 9.62236069,4.15592757 8.74872191,4.45446326 L9.93948308,5.87355717 C10.0088058,5.95617272 10.0495583,6.05898805 10.05566,6.16666224 C10.0712834,6.4423623 9.86044965,6.67852665 9.5847496,6.69415008 L4.71777931,6.96995273 C4.66931162,6.97269931 4.62070229,6.96837279 4.57348157,6.95710938 C4.30487471,6.89303938 4.13906482,6.62335149 4.20313482,6.35474463 L5.33163823,1.62361064 C5.35654118,1.51920756 5.41437908,1.4255891 5.49660017,1.35659741 C5.7081375,1.17909652 6.0235153,1.2066885 6.2010162,1.41822583 L7.38979581,2.8349582 Z" opacity="0.3"></path>
        <%= heading %>
    <% } %>
    <ul class="list-unstyled row my-6">
      <% articles.forEach(function(article) { %>
        <li class="col-12 mb-4 md:col-6 lg:col-4">
          <% var date = article.created_at !== article.updated_at ? article.updated_at : article.created_at %>
          <p class="font-medium text-primary mb-2">
            <%= new Date(date).toDateString().split(' ').slice(1).join(' ') %>
          <h3 class="mt-0 mb-3">
            <a class="link-stretched text-inherit hover:text-primary" href="<%= article.html_url %>">
              <%= article.title %>
          <p class="text-gray-600">
            <%= Util.getExcerpt(article.body || '', excerptLength) %>
      <% }) %>
  <% } %>

Lists of recently updated articles can be added anywhere in your help center.

he articles can be filtered and sorted in any way you like, for example by label or on the basis of how many votes they’ve received.

By making updates to the micro-template you can change the look-and-feel of the list or add new functionality. For different article list styles that you can use with this extension, check out our article list patterns.

The recent article list is displayed using our built-in Navigation extension. You can use the options described on that extension’s page to make additional design or functional changes, regardless of whether you create the article list using attributes or JavaScript.

The example provided uses the data-element="navigation" attribute to create a list of recent articles.

<div data-element="navigation" data-template="recent-articles" data-properties="..." data-template-data="..."></div>

To make design or functional changes you can either edit the default micro-template or replace it with one from our Pattern Library, updating the template ID if necessary.

If data attributes are used within article content you will need to ensure that the allow unsafe HTML setting is enabled within the Zendesk Guide settings.

You can create the list of recent articles using JavaScript:

<div id="recent-articles"></div>

<template id="tmpl-recent-articles">

<script type="text/javascript">
  ready(function() {
    new Navigation(document.getElementById('recent-articles'), {
      properties: [
      template: "recent-articles",
      templateData: {
        heading: "Recent articles",
        maxArticles: 6,
        excerptLength: 120
      // Additional options go here

The example above supplies the same option values to the plugin as the data-attribute example. This may be desirable if you need to fetch additional data to pass through as templateData before rendering the list.

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