A smart documentation-style theme which is suitable for Help Centers with medium or large amounts of content.


About the theme

The Juno theme features:

  • A page header with search functionality and a category list on all pages, powered by our Category lists plugin.

  • A collapsible sidebar listing sections and articles on all pages to help visitors navigate the knowledge base, powered by our Section lists plugin.

  • A collapsible Table of Contents on each article, powered by our Table of Contents plugin.

  • Links to the previous and next articles on each article page, powered by our Article Navigation plugin.

  • A simple yet effective layout with articles always front and center. Perfect for Help Centers with a lot of content.

About the framework

Our themes are all built on top of our powerful theme customization framework allowing you to make changes easily, rapidly prototype ideas and even copy elements directly from other themes or our ever-growing library of reusable layout patterns.

Our collection of online guides walk you through common branding and customization activities ensuring that you can immediately get the most from your Help Center. We also offer theme branding and customization as a separate service, should you need it.

Built for Zendesk

All of our themes are built using the latest theming API and offer complete support for all Zendesk Guide features.

All source code provided

As part of your purchase you get access to everything, including Sass files and uncompiled JavaScript.

No dependencies

All functionality delivered in our themes and plugins is written in vanilla JavaScript. No third-party libraries required.

Beautifully designed

Our bold yet timeless designs ensure that your brand will be well represented and look great for years to come.

Fully responsive

All of our themes, plugins and elements are fully responsive and look great on all devices and screen sizes.

Engineered for quality

Our software is built in accordance with best practices and tested across a range of devices, operating systems and browsers.

Extra content elements

Our themes include additional content elements and styles to make your article content look amazing and be easier to read.

Multiple language support

All of our themes support multiple languages and localized content so all of your customers can find what they're looking for.

Legacy browser support

Although we build for modern browsers by default, you can enable legacy browser support with a single click.

Search engine optimized

We make sure that every template is optimized for major search engines to help ensure people find what they need.

Helpful guides

We've created guides that walk you through common branding and customization activities to help get you up and running quickly.


Premium support, free installation and comprehensive documentation is included with every purchase.

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